Why Social Media Could Not Replace A Website

Having a social media account for your brand, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will give you a wide reach of audience but it’s not enough. You should not settle for social media marketing alone. Having a dedicated server website is an entirely different thing. Sadly, not a lot of people see it this way and it’s taking a toll on their businesses. If you want to get started on that website, find out more from www.webhostingiq.net

The number one reason why businesses have abandoned the idea of owning a website is because in social media, it’s free. Let me tell you that you get what you pay for and you won’t get much with something free. Sure, creating a Facebook account for your business won’t cost you a dime and you will be able to reach quite a number of audience with it. But just because that is so doesn’t mean you should forget about creating a website altogether. The stuff that you can do in social media is very limited as compared to the stuff that you can do on a website.

Credibility. Having a Twitter account can add to your credibility but having a website can close the deal. Social media accounts are easy to make and anybody can easily create bogus accounts but a website is a proof to your existence. It makes a brand legit.

Traffic. I must admit that you can reach a lot of people with social media but let me remind you that your reach is limited to that specific social media platform alone. With a website on the other hand, people will be able to find you when they search for you In Google and in other search engines.

Control. Because you are simply crashing on these social media spaces for free, you won’t be able to control much of it. While you can basically create a feel for your brand in Facebook through the profile picture and cover photo (and those are the only things you can do), branding through a website is so much more. I say branding because you can create what you want your customers’ to see in your website. You have every control with every aspect of your site.

I am not saying that social media for your business is not good. What I’m saying is it’s not good enough. In fact, I recommend you to keep a social media for your brand. Just be sure that you have a website to back it all up. Think of a website as the main bloodline for your business. Use social media to attract more traffic to your website. You’ll be surprised by how much better things are this way.


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